Think Tank of Realtors

1. Musarat Ejaz Khan Chairman FOR Pakistan
2. Sardar Tahir Mehmood President FOR Pakistan
3. Shahid Mehmood Senior Vice President FOR Pakistan
4. Ahsan Malik Vice President FOR Pakistan
5. Engineer Amir Ali shah E-M FOR KPK
6. Ali Akbar Afridi Vice President FOR KPK
7. Asghar Khan E-M FOR Balochistan
8. Ameer Hamza Vice President FOR Balochistan
9. Kashif Shah Senior Vice President FOR (Sindh, Balochistan)
10. Raheel Haroon Group Leader FOR Pakistan
11. Gul Najeeb Abbasi Vice Chairman FOR Pakistan

ToRs of Think Tank of Realtors

(Domain of the Think Tank is to submit proposals to NAPHDA before next financial year budget as per following ToRs. The proposals will be evaluated and decided by NAPHDA)

1. To ensure transfer of property on actual purchase / market price.
2. Implementation of system to ensure conduct of business by the realtors as per laid down principles.
3. To eradicate illegal practices / dishonesty from the real estate business.
4. Formulation of rules / policies to ensure compliance of booking agreements by the builders.
5. Formulation of rules / policies to ensure compliance of booking agreement of the plots by the developers.
6. Implementation of workable rules /policies and check and balance system to secure investment by the Overseas Pakistanis in Pakistan.
7. Introducing System to eradicate illegal practices / bribery / blackmailing from various public development authorities like, CDA, KDA, LDA, PDA and Registrar Office/ Tehsil Office etc.
8. Creating ease for doing business for the realtors to enhance public revenues.
9. Introducing system / policies to curb money laundering and other illegal practices in the real estate sector.
10. Proposing system / policies to encourage retiring government servants to get alternate to pension in real estate sector.
11. Proposing system / policies for easy and quick resolution of disputes of realtors, builders and developers.
12. Provision of guiding principles to encourage secure and legal foreign investment in Pakistan especially in Gawadar (Balochistan).